Bebina Rainbow

This is one of my personal wraps that I’ve decided to make available to the Library so that others can try it.  It’s a beautiful woven wrap made by brand Bebina and is woven in gorgeous rainbow colours.  Here’s me with my 16 month old daughter, using the Bebina Rainbow woven wrap in a supportive and comfortable Double Hammock back carry.

Woven Wrap for Hire

Type of carrier: Woven Wrap

Features: 100% cotton, rainbow stripe, size 6 (4.7m long)

Suitable for: All parents and all children, depending on carry used.

Carrying positions: Front, Hip, Back and Breastfeeding

Ease of use: As with all woven wraps, it may require some practice to be able to use correctly.  Once you have learnt, it is as easy as using a Mei Tai or any other carrier that ties on.  As it is very long it can be less practical than other carriers when wrapping outside in wet, windy or muddy conditions.

Comfort: Very comfortable and supportive to wear for a significant period of time.

Overall Verdict: Lovely wrap in gorgeous, happy colours that’s wide, supportive and easy to wrap with.  One of my favourites!

To hire this baby carrier from the South London Sling Library, email to check it’s availability and find out more!

This carrier has been bought with help from The London Door Company.


© 2012 South London Sling Library

About emeriminni

My name's Emily and I'm a pragmatic mum to 2 inspirational children, happy wife to eternally patient James, Sling Librarian, business owner/manager, part-time student & chronic craft enthusiast. I love reading, ranting, learning and making things & I'm interested in philosophy, psychology, babywearing & practical, natural-ish parenting, and all sorts of creative things (esp. crochet, dyeing, sewing, beading and baking).
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4 Responses to Bebina Rainbow

  1. I am looking for a wrap like this one…where could I find one? Thanks for the review BTW!

    • emeriminni says:

      Hi Kelly,
      This wrap isn’t currently available new, but you can sometimes find this particular model and other similar rainbow wraps second hand on the FSOT (For Sale or Trade) section of forums like You could also post in the ISO (In Search Of) board of this and/or similar forums to see if anyone has one to sell. Other lovely and bright rainbow wraps you could look out for are the Bebina Old Rainbow (the one on the page is the ‘New Rainbow’ version), Lana Solara, Girasol #6 or Reimu. Girasol also do many, many other rainbowy wraps so there’s always something rainbowy out there to find! Sites like often have standard and limited edition Girasol rainbows available to buy new.
      Hope that helps!
      Emily x

  2. Sarah Cannon says:

    What a wonderful website and a great resource! I am using a Mai Tei for my four month old and really want to try out a wrap, and all sorts of different carrying positions so that I can feel confident. Went along to south london sling meet recently which was fabulous and have been navigating the natural mamas website since, thinking of what I might buy (and working out all the strange language used and so many different names of wraps!).

    Recently bought a pushchair for Eliza my daughter to sleep and hang out in on certain occasions. It does work. And it helps me relax a little as she is getting quite heavy and I do get exhausted with all the walking. I just don’t like the ease of the buggy though. I love carrying her. Think more versatility of carries will help me – would like to try her in a cradle position, forward carry and back carry with a wrap. What would you recommend for summer use?


    • emeriminni says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for the lovely comments! A woven wrap is the most versatile and custom-fitted carrier you can get – there’s so many different ways to tie one to suit you and your daughter as she grows. At the moment we have several summer-weight woven wraps that you can come and try out and loan if you like, or just have a look and feel to see what they’re like. For a 4 month old you don’t really need to worry about getting really supportive wraps just yet and our Ellaroo wraps are lovely and light for hot weather. Just send me an email ( if you’d like to arrange to pop by :D Emily x

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