*~* Christmas Holidays 2012 *~*

Lots of news and updates for the next month – please read carefully for closure dates, special offers and building works……

Christmas Holiday Special Hire Offer!

All hires taken out from the Sling Library during the next two weeks before Christmas will be extended for free over the Library Christmas Holiday. This means that you’ll get 4 week’s hire for the price of 2!

Open Session Dates that this offer applies to are:
Wednesday 12th 9:30-12:00
Thursday 13th 12:30-2:30
Tuesday 18th 10:00-2:00

Building Works:

Please be aware that essential building works have now started on the roof, 2nd floor walls and rooms of my house.  This means that there will be scaffolding up at the front and back of the house for the rest of December at least (hopefully will be down by the new year) and there may be work going on during the sessions.

I’ve informed the builders of all sling library open sessions and consultations that will be happening during this time and they shouldn’t be in the house or doing anything noisy during these times.  None of the works are on the ground or 1st floors where the Sling Library sessions are held and the top floor has been well dust-sheeted and so there should be minimal disturbance to the Sling Library (other than a significant lack of light inside, and an inability to park outside!)

Please do feel free to email southlondonslings@hotmail.co.uk if you’ve got any questions or concerns.

Holiday Dates:

The Sling Library will be closed for all open sessions, consultations, sling hires and returns from Friday 21st December 2012 until January 7th 2013.  Please be considerate of the fact that I have 2 children at home, and many responsibilities over the festive season and so (as you may already be noticing!) may take longer than usual to respond to any messages.

I am also out of the country from the 26th -31st December and so may not be able to reply to emails at all during this time.

By far the most reliable way to get hold of me is by email (I’m not always able to answer phone messages) to southlondonslings@hotmail.co.uk – be assured that I will reply to all emails, but it may take me up to a week (or occasionally more) during the busy holidays. Things should be mostly back to normal in time for the Sling Library Open Sessions starting up again as usual in the New Year.

New Year Open Sessions:

The next sling library open sessions (following on from the ones above) are:
Wednesday 9th January 9:30-12:00
Thursday 10th 12:30-2:30
Tuesday 15th January 10:00-2:00

Merry Christmas and see you soon! :D x

© 2012 South London Sling Library
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My name's Emily and I'm a pragmatic mum to 2 inspirational children, happy wife to eternally patient James, Sling Librarian, business owner/manager, part-time student & chronic craft enthusiast. I love reading, ranting, learning and making things & I'm interested in philosophy, psychology, babywearing & practical, natural-ish parenting, and all sorts of creative things (esp. crochet, dyeing, sewing, beading and baking).
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